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SUMS speakers:

Spring 2000

Larry Smith, Gottingen and Yale University
Invariants of 2 x 2-Matrices, April 24, 2000
Gary Towsley, SUNY Geneseo
Euler and the Riemann Hypothesis, April 6, 2000
Prof. Towsley received his Ph.D. from the UR and recently received the MAA national teaching award
Tom Rishel, Cornell University
Curricular Questions: When Changing One Thing Changes Everything, March 17, 2000
Matt Coppenbarger, University of Rochester
The Principle of Parity in Analyzing Puzzles, March 16, 2000
Matt has generously made many of the puzzles which he has made by hand available for use in the Undergraduate Math Lounge.

Fall 1999

Josh Lansky, University of Rochester
On elliptic curves, December 7, 1999
A topic related to the recent proof of Fermat's last theory.
Robert Devaney, Boston University
Chaos, Fractals, and the Internet, November 19, 1999
Ted Turner, University at Albany, New York
Public Key Encryption, November 12, 1999
I got this note from Ted recently: "After my coding talks in the fall, several people asked me if I had seen the PBS show on codes produced by Singh, the guy who wrote "The proof" about Wiles solution of Fermat's last theorem. I hadn't. Just before Christmas Anne and I were in a book store and I saw the book based on the show called "the code book". She got it for me. I read it and it is GREAT. If you have any interest in codes at all, or know students who are, I recommend it."
Robert Benedetto, University of Rochester

Spring 1999

Jeff Weeks, freelance mathematician

The Shape of Space April 22 - 23, 1999

Curvature and the Universe

Jeff Weeks was given a MacArthur "genius" award shortly after he gave his talks here!

Fall 1998

Davide Cervone, Union College

The Hypercube and the 3-Sphere, November 7, 1998

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