The Joint BA in Mathematics and Statistics

This major requires fourteen courses, of which twelve are foundational or core courses and two are additional advanced courses. Approval of advisors in both mathematics and statistics is required.

Foundational Course Requirement

(or an equivalent calculus sequence)

Core Course Requirement

Advanced Course Requirement

In addition to the core courses, students must complete three 4-credit advanced courses in Mathematics or Statistics. Advanced courses are those numbered 200 or higher.

Upper Level Writing Requirement

In addition to STT 226W, students must pass one more writing course, to be chosen from the following options.
  1. A Statistics course with the W designation.
  2. Math 391W, a one-credit course, taken in conjunction with either Math 174 or any 200 level Mathematics or Statistics course with the prior approval of the instructor, or independently of any course in consultation with a faculty member;
  3. A four credit course, approved in advance by the student's adviser, satisfying part of the upper level writing requirement in another department.