Degree Programs

The math department has worked hard to create a program for students with interests from the purely theoretical to the highly practical. The percentage of math majors at UR is among the highest at any university. In addition, we have a large number of double majors.

In planning your schedule please see an adviser in the mathematics department. Also see the Career Planning Guide for information on why a math degree is a valuable credential for business as well as academics, where to apply for jobs, and advice on resume writing.

Math Majors

An Overview of the 4 Math Majors.

Math Minor

Students often find that they already have the courses they need for the math minor.

Joint BA in Mathematics and Statistics

Combining Mathematics with Statistics.

Certificate Program in Actuarial Studies

Preparing for a career as an actuary. Actuaries design insurance policies, and the pay is very high at the top levels.

Certificate Program in Mathematical Modeling in Political Science and Economics

Mathematics is playing an increasingly important role in the social sciences.

The Joint 4+1 Masters Program with the Warner School of Education

This program allows University of Rochester undergraduates to pursue a career in teaching and to earn a master's degree from the Warner School in a special 4+1 pattern of enrollment. (The master's degree is required for permanent certification in New York State).

Advanced Courses with Substantial Mathematical Content

Several majors in the Mathematics department require additional advanced courses with substantial mathematical content. You can find information and a list of qualifying courses here.

Mathematics upper level writing requirement

All Math students must fufill the writing requirement.
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