Algebra and Number Theory

Number Theory seminar


Steve Gonek
The Riemann zeta function, L functions, and the distribution of prime numbers.
C. Douglas Haessig
Zeta functions of algebraic varieties over finite fields, families of exponential sums, p-adic cohomology.
Alex Iosevich
Classical Analysis with Application to Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Integral Operators, Geometric Combinatorics and Geometric Measure Theory, Analytic Number Theory, Convex Geometry and Probability Theory
Naomi Jochnowitz
Algebraic number theory, modular forms, p-adic modular forms
Saul Lubkin
Algebraic geometry, homological algebra; Construction of algebraic-topological like invariants in algebraic geometry.
Dinesh Thakur
Number theory, arithmetic geometry, function field arithmetic
Thomas Tucker
Arithmetic geometry, diophantine equations, algebraic dynamics

Postdoctoral Faculty

Andrew Bridy
Arithmetic dynamics.
John Doyle
Arithmetic dynamics.
Evan Dummit
Algebraic number theory, arithmetic statistics, algebraic combinatorics, arithmetic dynamics.
Giorgis Petridis
Intersection between combinatorics and number theory

Current Graduate Students

Siegfred Baluyot
Jamie Juul
Cristin Kenney
Malcolm Kotok
Shuhui Shi

Partial List of Past Graduate Students in Algebra and Number Theory

Melvyn Nathanson (Segal) (Lehman College (CUNY), New York, New York )
Georges Grinstein (Segal) (University of Massachussets, Lowell )
Mauriso Alves da Silva (Segal) (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil)
Goro Kato (1979, Lubkin) (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
Thomas Shemanske (1979, Pizer) (Dartmouth College)
Richard Sot (1980, Lubkin) (No information available)
Michael Miller (1984, Segal) (LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York)
Shepley L. Ross II (1985, Pizer) (Bates College)
Jinsung Yoo (1987, Lubkin) (No information available)
Xiaoying Dong (1990, Segal) (Duke University)
Sungtae Jun (1991, Pizer) (Kunkuk University, Korea)
Songjie Ren (1994, Jochnowitz) (No information available)
Cheri L. Boyd (1995, Pizer) (Nazareth College, Rochester, New York)
Cristian Cobeli (1997, Gonek) (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)
Jose Gagero (1997, Gonek) (Catholic University, Santiago Chile)
Tiantang Peng (1999, Lubkin) (United Health Group, Minneapolis)
Vivek Sondhi (2000, Gonek) (Commerzbank Securities, London)
Alexander Kasiukov (2001, Lubkin) (Suffolk County Community College, Grant Campus, New York)
Micah Milinovich (2008, Gonek) (University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS)
Vijay Sookdeo (2009, Tucker) Assist. Prof. at Catholic University, Baltimore, MD
Justin Sukiennik (2009, Tucker) Visiting Assist. Prof, Univ. of Minneapolis
Joel Dreibelbis (2009, Tucker) Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
Adam Towsley (2012, Tucker) CUNY Graduate Center
Stephen Lester (2013, Gonek) Tel Aviv University
Kalyani Madhu (2013, Tucker) University of Rochester

Recent Graduate Courses

Spring 2014 MTH 569: Topics in analytic number theory (Gonek)
MTH 568: Recent developments in Function Field Arithmetic (Thakur)
MTH 535: Commutative Algebra (Lubkin)
Spring 2013 MTH 537: Homological algebra (Lubkin)
Spring 2012 MTH 538: Topics in Algebraic Geometry (Lubkin)
Spring 2010 MTH 538: Topics in Algebraic Geometry (Lubkin)
Fall 2010 MTH 537: Homological algebra (Lubkin)
Spring 2009 MTH 537: Homological algebra (Lubkin)
Fall 2009 MTH 568: Topics in Number Theory (by Haessig)
Fall 2008 MTH 538: Topics in Algebraic Geometry (by Tucker)
Spring 2007 MTH 537: Homological algebra (Lubkin)
Fall 2007 MTH 537: Homological algebra (Lubkin)
MTH 535: Commutative Algebra (by Jochnowitz)
MTH 531: Topics in Algebraic Number theory (by Tucker)
Spring 2007 MTH 537: Homology (by Lubkin)
Spring 2006 MTH 518: Topics in Random Matrix Theory (by Gioev)
MTH 535: Commutative Algebra (by Jochnowitz)
MTH 538: Algebraic Geometry (by Tucker)
Spring 2005 MTH 569 Topics in Analytic Number Theory (Instructor: Gonek)
Fall 2004 MTH 531 Intro. to Algebraic Number Theory (Instructor: Tucker)
Spring 2004 MTH 538 Algebraic Geometry (Instructor: Lubkin)
Fall 2003 MTH 535 Commutative Algebra (Instructor: Jochnowitz)

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