Links for Archimedes (287-212 BC)

Polish translation of this page by Felicia Hoffman, December 2014

Archimedes Home page covers many details of his life, created by Chris Rorres of Drexel University.
Archimedes' claw His invention for sinking Roman ships attacking his native Syracuse. (Taken from the site above)
Wikipedia article gives an account of some of his practical inventions (such as the hydraulic screw shown here) and his mathematical discoveries.
The Quadrature of the Parabola, Wikipedia article on his work on the area of a parabola. He proved that the area of the curved region shown here is 4/3 that of the triangle.
In his work On the Sphere and Cylinder, Archimedes proved that both the volume and surface area of the sphere are 2/3 of these of the cyclinder conataining it. He asked that this discovery be recorded on his tombstone.
The Death of Archimedes Several accounts and links to other pictures.
Archimedes' computation of π

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