The Annals of Mathematics has accepted for publication the paper “On the non-existence of elements of Kervaire invariant one”, co-authored by professor Doug Ravenel. The paper is over 200 published pages, an unusual devotion of space to one paper for this journal. The length is justified by the need to explain many new things in order to understand the proof.

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UR Mathematicians featured in Nature article

Professor Alex Iosevich and graduate student Vyacheslav Kiria-Kaiserberg are featured in an article about the advantage of dissertation committees, appearing in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

Gage and Pizer win AMS Impact Award

Professors Michael Gage and Arnold Pizer have received the 2016 AMS Award for Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics. Gage and Pizer are honored for the creation and development of WeBWorK, one of the first web-based systems that assign and grades homework problems in mathematics and science courses.

Dinesh Thakur awarded NSA grant

Professor Dinesh Thakur has received a two-year NSA award for a project entitled Multi-zeta and related structures in function field arithmetic. Professor Thakur is a leading figure in this field and is widely known to the mathematical public due to the Arizona Winter School in number theory that he has run at the University of Arizona for many years.

Giorgis Petridis awarded NSF grant

Giorgis Petridis, a visiting assistant professor, received an NSF grant for his proposal entitled Direct and inverse problems for cardinality questions in additive number theory. The amount of the grant is $109,438 and the duration is three years.

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